Room C323
Tanase's desk
Meeting Space
Student desks1
Student desks2
Computer corner (Mac, Dos/V)
Computer corner (Work Stations)
     X-ray and EXAFS stations
     MO calc station
Tanase's experimental desk
Room C321
Student experimental desks1
Eexperimental glass wares
gas tanks
Room C322
Student experimental desks
Solvent distillation corner
G-box (Braun lab master 130)
Room C330 (exp room for undergraduate program)
room C330
Ventilation Hoods
Ventilation Hood (inside)
Room C331
Student exp desks 1
Student exp desks 2
Student exp desks 3
Student experimental desk (Dr. Zhan)
Experimental glass wares 2
Experimental glass wares 2
Room C225 (Tea & Meeting Room)
tea & meeting room



X-ray Crystallography (Rigaku CCD and AFC7R with LT unit/new system)
X-ray Crystallography (Rigaku AFC7R with LT unit/old system)
IR spectroscopy (Jasco FT/IR 410)
UV-Vis spectroscopy (Shimadzu UV-3100)
Emission Spectroscopy (Jasco FP-750)
Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy (Jasco J-730, 530)
Gas Chromatography (Shimadzu GC14B)
GC Mass Spectroscopy (Shimadzu GCMS-QP5000)
CV (cyclic voltammometry)
CV portable
NMR (Varian Gemini2000 300MHz)
ESI-TOF-MS (Applied Biosystems)
AFM (Shimadzu)
Rapid Scan UV with CV and LT system
XAFS Station at the Institute of High Energy Physics (Tsukuba, Japan)
XAFS station (BL10B)
In the hutch
A night measurement
BL10B controller

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