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Dr. Kanako Nakamae
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science
Nara Women's University
Kitauoya-higashi-machi, Nara 630-8285, Japan
Tel/fax +81 742-20-3394

Dr. Kanako Nakamae was born in Sakai-city, Osaka, Japan in 1987.
She joined Tanase-Nakajima-Kure research group as Assistant Professor (Organometallic & Coordination Chemistry Group) from April first, 2016.


Academic and Professional Records

2010 B. Sc., 2012 M. Sc., and 2015 D. Sc. degrees from Nara Women's University (Prof. T. Tanase, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science)
2015- Assistant Professor, Collaborative Organization for Research in Women's Education of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, Nara Women's University (Nara, Japan)
2016- Assistant Professor (Prof. T. Tanase), Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Nara Women's University (Nara, Japan)

Research Activity Fields
Coordination Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry

Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ)
Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry (JSCC)
The Kinki Chemical Society Japan


(1) A. Hosokawa, B. Kure, T. Nakajima, K. Nakamae, T. Tanase
“Intermolecular Metal-Metal Bond Rearrangement in a Pt2PdHg Heterometallic Cluster Forming a HgI-PdI Covalent Bond”
Organometallics 30, 6063-6066 (2011).
(2) A. Yoshii, H. Takenaka, H. Nagata, S. Noda, K. Nakamae, B. Kure, T. Nakajima, T. Tanase “Heterotrinuclear Complexes with Pd, Rh, and Ir Ions Assembled by Conformational Switch of a Tetraphosphine Ligand around Pd Center”
Organometallics  31, 133-143 (2012).
(3) T. Tanase, S. Hatada, A. Mochizuki, K. Nakamae, B. Kure, T. Nakajima
“Flexible, Linear, Tetranuclear Palladium Complexes Supported by Tetraphosphine Ligands with Electron-withdrawing Groups”
Dalton Trans. 42, 15941-15952 (2013). (Inside Cover Picture)
(4) E. Goto, R. A. Begum, C. Ueno, A. Hosokawa, C. Yamamoto, K. Nakamae, B. Kure, T. Nakajima, T. Kajiwara, T. Tanase
“Electron-Deficient Pt2M2Pt2 hexanuclear Metal Strings (M = Pt, Pd) Supported by Triphosphine Ligands”
Organometallics 33, 1893-1904 (2014). (Cover Picture)
(5) K. Nakamae, B. Kure, T. Nakajima, U. Ura, T. Tanase
“Facile Insertion of Carbon Dioxide into Cu2(m-H) Dinuclear Units Supported by Tetraphosphine Ligands”
Chem. Asian J. 9, 3106-3110 (2014). (Cover Picture)
(6) K. Nakamae, Y. Takemura, B. Kure, T. Nakajima, Y. Kitagawa, T. Tanase
“Self-Alignment of Low-Valent Octanuclear Palladium Atoms”
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 54, 1016-1021 (2015).
(7) T. Tanase, S. Hatada, S. Noda, H. Takenaka, K. Nakamae, B. Kure, T. Nakajima
“Stepwise Expansion of Pd Chains from Binuclear Palladium (I) Complexes Supported by Tetraphosphine Ligands”
Inorg. Chem. 54, 8298-8309 (2015).
(8) T. Tanase, A. Yoshii, R. Otaki, K. Nakamae, Y. Mikita, B. Kure, T. Nakajima
“Synthesis and structures of dinuclear RhIII and IrIII complexes supported by a tetraphosphine, meso-or rac-bis{[(diphenylphosphinomethyl)phenyl]phosphino]}methane”
J. Organomet. Chem. 797, 37-45 (2015).
(9) T. Tanase, M. Chikanishi, K. Morita, K. Nakamae, B. Kure, T. Nakajima
“Gold and Silver Chains Supported by Linear Hexaphosphine Ligands”
Chem. Asian J. 10, 2619-2623 (2015).

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